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bulan november bulan menunggu :.

salam 1 blogger salam 1 malaysia .

this's my desktop =P
who's there on the picture . ? 
that's someone that im waiting for second , minute , hours , days and night .. 
im still waiting and waiting for you .

You're my sunshine in the mornings,
And my moonlight in the night;
You're the footsteps that I'll follow,
All throughout my life.
I put all my trust in you,
And I gladly take your hand;
I give you all my heart,
By your side I'll always stand.
As we face all these tomorrows,
Through the happiness and tears;
We'll take it one step at a time,
For all our many years.
I promise you are my life,
And I promise to stay true;
With this picture I give my heart,
and all my love to you.


terima kasih kerana membaca , datang lagi ya . komen jangan lupa ;)

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  1. wehuu..cmne ek nak jadikan desktop macam ko tu..tarikh..hari n masa tu cantik..aku punya xde pun...ko pakai apa ek